Friday, April 13, 2012

ICS Style by Pizero For S60v3 S60v5 Symbian^3 Nokia Belle - Free Theme Download

ICS Style by Pizero : The new masterpiece by Pizero! ICS Style, Premium Theme for Nokia
Get the look & feel of an Android device with this great theme. Incuding exclusive Zeta ICS style icons!
ICS Style by Pizero For S60v3 S60v5 Symbian^3 Nokia
- Premium Theme for Symbian
- Abstract HD wallpaper
- Zeta ICS icons by Pizero
- 9-piece Elements
- Ice Cream style look 6 feel

ICS Style by Pizero is FREE for a limited time (one week only!).

Be sure to download it immediately, or get it later for 3€!

Click Bellow To Download :

RingtoneMaker v1.1.0 by FlyingBird Software for All Symbian Phones - Free App Download

RingtoneMaker v1.1.0 Easily create your own Ringtones directly from your Mobile Phone. Simply choose a song, select a starting point and save your new Ringtone file. Advanced users can also set the end point if desired ,This application is great and you should try it, if you like a music track, why not create your own. with this application you can easily create a ringtone of your choice.
RingtoneMaker v1.1.0 by FlyingBird Software

Thursday, April 12, 2012

MOD: Install Microsoft Office v2.00 (5016) in External Memory - Free Mod Download

Now you can Istall Microsoft Office Mobile 2012 in external memory to save Phone memory ; The first file you can install in memory extern, it brings v2 Microsoft Office Mobile Suite which has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Lync addition, Broadcast PowerPoint and OneNote. These applications are fully functional so you can view and edit office files.
MOD: Install Microsoft Office v2.00 (5016) in external memory
The second file (PixiEnabler) brings the new version of e-mail client with their Widgets and integration with Mail for Exchange ActiveSync and the new source for Microsoft applications, this file is optional but if you want to install memory install C. internal The installation of this file takes about 15 minutes and must be online to be downloaded all components.
Microsoft Office v2.00 (5016) Nokia N8
Thanx To usitaly & arjunpaliath for Share

1. Install first : Pixi Enablers
2. Install Microsoft Apps : Microsoft Office

Click Bellow To Download :

Microsoft Office 2.00(5016) - 2012 Symbian^3 Nokia Belle Signed - Free App Download

Microsoft Office 2.00(5016) GLOBAL -Third party apps can be good, but they often don’t feel quite like the real thing.
That’s why, as from today, you can download the Microsoft Office Mobile app right onto your Symbian smartphone.
Until now you could only get the full Microsoft Office Mobile app on Windows Phone, but not anymore. We are happy to announce that from today, 

Microsoft Office 2.00(5016) Symbian^3 Nokia Belle
the Nokia 701, Nokia 700, Nokia 603, Nokia E7, Nokia X7, Nokia C7, Nokia Oro, and Nokia C6-01 will also get this much sought after collection of productivity apps. You can get them using the Nokia Software Update tool on your smartphone, or connecting your phone to the Nokia Suite on your PC.
Microsoft Office 2012 Nokia Free Download
Office Mobile apps will also be available from the Nokia Store in just a few weeks.
In February this year, we announced that OneNote, Lync 2010, Document Connection and PowerPoint Broadcast were available for Symbian. Now, Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and Excel Mobile are the latest applications to join the suite of Microsoft Apps built especially for the latest Symbian smartphones.
Office Mobile apps gives you quick access to your documents so that you can get more done while on the go, or when you’re not using your laptop. And because these apps were created by Microsoft, the functionalities are as close as possible – if not the same – to the Microsoft Office apps on your PC.
If you’re a Word user, you’ll appreciate the fact that with Word mobile, you can save or send documents while preserving tables, SmartArt and charts, or the pinch/zoom functionality to easily view and edit documents.
In PowerPoint mobile, you can edit presentation texts and speaker notes, or use the Outline view to quickly browse through slides. With Excel mobile, you can create charts, or insert formulae and view rich data and charts from anywhere.

Microsoft Office 2.00(5016)
Another really convenient feature of Office Mobile is that it gives you a single view to documents – whether they’re stored on your phone as files, as email attachments, or on your company SharePoint site.
There are a variety of third party apps or native apps on other platforms that go as far as allowing you to edit, but in my opinion, it’s just not the same. If you’re working on a Word document, nothing beats using Microsoft’s own app. If Excel is your thing, then you will not settle for anything less than the ability to modify data by accessing more than 110 formulae.

It’s also useful to know that these apps aren’t just for show. Using apps that were developed, certified and tested by Microsoft to read your work email, share notes, chat with colleagues, download and edit Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, and send them – just to list a few of the most common things that people do these days with their smartphones – ensures that your documents are compatible when you switch from your PC to the mobile phone, and that you’re not introducing any viruses that may linger in third party apps.
In tech companies, we refer to apps that are deeply ingrained into the platform or which were built specifically for a platform as ‘native apps’. The person who runs IT in your company refers to them as ‘safe apps’. If you use them, you may simply refer to them as ‘really useful apps’.
Couple these apps with all-time Nokia favourites like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Nokia Public Transport and more than 100,000 apps in the Nokia Store, and you have a smartphone powerhouse in your hands.

1. Install first : Pixi Enablers
2. Install Microsoft Apps : Microsoft Office

Microsoft apps install to C drive automaticlly . Device reboot is needed.
but you can Install it to Mass Memory if you have a Hacked phone Click Here

Click below to download :

Disney Tron Tanks v1.0 Symbian^3 - Nokia N8 C7 X7 E7 E6 C6-01 - Free HD Game Download

Tron Tanks 3D is another free action game for the Symbian^3 smartphones and it is exclusively brought to you by Disney Entertainment. Tron Tanks is the revamped version of the 90′s classic arcade game Tron Legacy and it is also a push for the promo of the newly released Tron movie.
Disney Tron Tanks v1.0

It offers tons of weapon choices and upgrades with which you will have to shoot down enemy drones, turrets, tanks etc. You are also provided with power ups, a fair amount of ammunition and tips throughout the game which will surely keep you N-Gaged for a while. Rest assured, this fast paced game is surely something to scream about!
Disney Tron Tanks v1.0 Nokia

Supported Devices :
Symbian^3 : 
Nokia N8, C7, C6, E7, X7 etc....
S60v5        : 
Nokia N97, N97 Mini, N95, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800, 5230, 5233, 5250, C5, 5235, 5288, X6, Satio etc...
Click Bellow To Download :

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